Giving You 'Editorial Spread' Looks

Hey y'all!

A midst all the ideas for pulling this site together, my friend and I took to Downtown LA to shoot for my first few posts and the result were these amazing Magazine-Type looks! We stumbled upon a cool spot near City Hall, and went straight to work. I wanted my first look to encompass all that I had planned for the site, and I believe my friend did an amazing job of capturing my overall 'aesthetic' as an intro. Below, is not only the intro to the blog, but a look into who I am as a person as it relates to my own form of self-expression through fashion. So welcome! :)

Lately, I've been experimenting with mixing prints and thought what better time to try it out than as an intro to my blog? I used a simple (Stripped) and a bold print (Aztec) with the same base color (white), so they'd mesh fairly well together. I wasn't completely sure of how they'd look together, but once my friend and I found the perfect location to shoot, I realized it came together so well that the background actually made it pop! You would've thought it was the perfect inspiration for some magazine shoot somewhere, hence the "Editorial Spread" title.

While the prints were the foundation of this look, I threw in my vintage Jordache Jean jacket and tan heels to pull everything together and really give it a 90s feel. You can check below for all the details. 

Well I hope I've given you all something to look forward with this intro because there'll definitely be more looks to come. But in the mean time, please like, comment, and support because I have great ideas to share and many more looks to give. Thank you for stopping by!



Top/Missguided   Shorts/Forever21   Jacket/Etsy   Glasses/TopShop   Shoes/Macy's