Self-Care Tip #13: Travel

Hey everyone!

A few months ago, I had the extreme pleasure of traveling halfway across the world with one of my best friends. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to understand how important traveling and being able to experience different culture is to me. It is important to step outside of your comfort zone, and with traveling that can be done at multitude of levels even if it is just going to the next town over. These days many more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to expand their horizons through new locations. So this week’s self-care tip is: Travel.

This past December, my best friend and I traveled to Thailand during Christmas. It was an amazing experience filled with adventure, fun and varying perspectives. We did as much as we possibly could from in the span of 5 days from bathing with Elephants to ATV riding through the jungle. While the trip itself could’ve been one big highlight, my favorite parts had to be eating, getting an authentic Thai massage and of, course visiting the Elephant Sanctuary. I always said one of my dreams was to become friends with an Elephant and, while that didn’t exactly happen, being able to hug & cry on one was close enough for me (lol). 


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed this incessant need to explore, whether it’s in my own city, the next, or another country. Traveling has given me a greater sense understanding and created a new perspective surrounding my own lived experiences while stepping out of my comfort zone. Traveling has fulfilled my need to explore and after a summer in Brazil during Grad School and my 5 days in Thailand, I’m ready for more.


Traveling is wonderful way to take time off and do things that benefit you as well. Whether it’s with someone or by yourself, you should definitely take the opportunity to travel whenever you can. And it doesn’t always have to be to the other side of the planet or some big extravagant get away. It can be going to a city you’ve never been before and learning about a place you’re unfamiliar with, no matter how small or big take a chance to explore. Earlier last year, I created a list of places I’d like to visit in and outside of the United States, and from there began planning trips surrounding the places I could get to first. My next stop is Seattle to visit one of my dearest friends and be among the trees (lol).


Traveling also gives you an opportunity to relax and reflect on your own life while learning about different lifestyles that you may not be familiar with. So take a chance go out explore, learn something new, make a travel list of your own. Go to a new city, state or country, try new foods, talk to people, give yourself the opportunity to do and learn something different.

Until next time…


Dij <3