Chinatown Express

Hey Everyone,

As I’m sure anyone following me knows, kimonos have kinda become one of my favorite things, so when it became a fashion trend I had no shame falling in line with the times. I found this beautiful fringe-detailed kimono at my favorite place, Zara, and immediately fell in love. 


Burgundy is one of my favorite colors that wear all year round, but Fall and Winter are my favorite and probably the most accurate times of year to wear it. The richness of the color just brings out a certain level of sophistication and class that other colors, though amazing in their own right, just do differently.


The kimono itself is so versatile you can either dress it up or down, but I thought I might try something different by dressing it up a bit. While I, myself, am partial to more casual and streetwear looks, I thought it would be fun to create a date night look for once. I decided to pair it with a little black dress and strappy black heels to spice up the look. Following suit, I added a few bold accessories to accentuate the look and was suddenly ready for somebody to take me somewhere where linen table cloths and a 3 course meal were readily available upon request. Though I don’t get to do it often, I do thoroughly enjoy any opportunity to dress up when the occasion calls for it.


My friend and I actually shot this look near the heart of Chinatown in Downtown LA some months back. I imagined the setting as the perfect backdrop for this date night outfit I put together and had in mind. And while the look was even better in person, the random security guard rolling around didn’t seem to think so himself and ‘rolled’ up on us a few times. Needless to say, we did the shoot in under hour, under the pressure of our mobile friend there (*eye roll*), which has to be the quickest shoot I’ve ever done to date. That’s probably why I thought I was so clever in naming this post ‘Chinatown Express’ (lol).

Until next time…



Kimono/ZARA   Dress/ZARA   Necklace/Gift   Cuff/Urban Outfitters   Heels/Steve Madden