Emotional (No Carl Thomas)

Hey everyone :)

Getting older, I’ve begun to notice how careless people tend to be with emotions & the emotions of others. Growing up like many of us, I’ve heard the countless ways that people discount the importance of empathy & emotional intelligence. I’ve been told my entire life that I’ve either felt too much or was overly emotional, without being given a solution to better manage my feelings. For a long time, I felt there was no place for my emotions & I began to internalize them as more of a burden than a tool. I allowed others’ dysfunctional perception of emotion to shape my own & in turn became closed off & seemingly ‘unfeeling’. 


I’ve seen many people, myself included, take pride in being ‘unfeeling’ or emotionless as if it were an actual achievement, without realizing that as human beings it is an innate part of who we are & directly links to how we connect to ourselves & others. While I’m working to undo some of what I’ve learned & how I’ve been taught, I want to shed a positive light on emotionality & how essential it is not only to our well-being, but in our relationships with others as well.


Emotion shows up everywhere whether we want to deny it or not. We feel constantly & experience it on regular basis even when we want to pretend that it’s not important. Whether we’re joyous, down, annoyed, laughing, indifferent, confused, or anything in between, as human beings we experience a wide range of emotions and they are ALL valid no matter where they stem from. By discounting their existence & importance, we shortchange ourselves into believing we don’t need or deserve to feel in order to survive, when in actuality it is an essential part of living. 


The ability to understand & express emotion is an exertion of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is essential to understanding what we need in terms of support & how we connect to others, without it we’re unable to form personal bonds or authentic relationships with others. Emotional intelligence is at the basis of any interaction whether it’s casual, formal, familial, romantic or platonic. Our emotions are also a direct link to our humanity which connects to our empathy (the ability to feel or identify with what others are feeling), allowing us to connect with other people on a deeper level beyond the surface. Emotions create a bond through our innate ability to see ourselves in other people. Many think that just by suppressing everything and pretending its not there, they’re in full control & there’s no need for it, when in reality it just comes out in other ways. 


Take the time to understand that emotion is an essential part of who we are & utilize it as a building tool rather than a burden or weakness. Use it to strengthen your relationships as well as yourself. The acknowledgement & validation of feeling only allows us to better manage them. Emotion is valid & needs to recognized as such in order to better understand who we are, what we feel, & what we may need… 

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