The Art of Letting Go

Hey everyone!

Going through life each day, I try my best to either develop new healthier habits or break old non-serving ones. Of the many habits I’ve tried to strengthen, letting go has been one of them. ‘Letting go’ is a major & challenging part of growth, that can show up in many forms over the course of our lives. It can involve people, places, things, ideas, anything that we allow ourselves to hold onto, are things that can surround the concept of ‘letting go’. Sometimes, that may also mean letting go of feelings or harboring ill will, both of which I’ve struggled with myself. You won’t always be prepared for everything that happens, but loosening the grip around your own idealizations allows you to embrace change as it comes. 


Since I can remember, I’ve always had a hard time letting go, whether it was of things, people, or feelings, I’ve just never had the courage to let stuff go. I would hold on to pain, sadness, & anger like there was no end or a new day in sight. I wanted to remember what not do or who not to be. I tended to use those things as personal reminders of every experience, which definitely added to the habit. But as I get older I realize not much is worth holding on to in the same ways anymore. And after awhile, it can serve as more of a burden, than a reminder.


I’ve gained a lot of clarity surrounding the art of ‘letting go’ of things that no longer serve me, whether I understood them or not. I’ve done myself the disservice of holding on to things even when they’d clearly fallen apart, all for the sake of wanting to have a reminder, whether it was good or bad. So much so, I would inadvertently try to recreate moments for myself, even when they’ve already been lived.


Since stepping into my mid-20s, I’ve become more active in the art of letting go. For so long, I wanted things to constantly be in my control. I woke up one day & started to realize that my reminders had turned into “emotional crutches” & I had burdened myself with things I could not change. I finally understood that all I could control was how I moved & my reaction to it. Not every moment can be recreated, not everybody deserves to stay (or come back), not every feeling can be felt again, & not everything can be undone, but I had to learn how to acknowledge & accept things not only as they came, but as they went. While I’m still learning & certainly don’t have all the answers (Fun Fact: I actively never know what I am doing most of the time lol), I know it’s okay to remember who we once were, what was once felt, and what once was. It doesn’t have to be a burden or even a reminder, but an understanding of how far we’ve come & an acknowledgement of who we’ve grown to be. Change is the only constant & it’s important to embrace it as it comes. 

Until next time…



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