Hey y’all!

Remember back in the day when every (and I do mean EVERY) other song had a remix? I'm talking "I Need A Girl" parts 1-17 with every other male R&B singer on each version at that time. The early to mid 2000s were it boy, lol. My favorite remix of the decade though had to be Rich Boy's ‘Throw Some D’s’ with every random & known rapper from the south on it just because the song started out with a sample from El Debarge’s ‘I Call Your Name’. I liked trying to figure out whether Rick Boy or El had come on during the shuffle on my iPod once the beat finally dropped. Oh, yeah that was a time to be alive... lol. 


(Side note: I still have an iPod with a click wheel, because honestly one iPhone like device is truly enough... )

Summer is coming and it’s that time of year when I like to remix some of my favorite fall clothing items into outfits for the current season. I put together an outfit similar to this one back in November with jeans, simpler hoops, and brown ankle booties. I liked the look so much, I figured why not do a remix of it with a spring and summer aesthetic? I’ve always said some of the best items you can buy are the ones you can transition across all seasons, all year-round. To switch it up I’ve paired my favorite bold colored trench with the same lace up bodysuit, but this time with distressed denim shorts, a longer lace up boot (that you’re probably going to see a lot of, lol) and a larger, more dramatic hoop. Not to mention my hair is completely different from the last look and 'summer ready' as well. 

This is also the time of year I like to put my legs on display and pick items that accentuate them. I didn’t see them as much of an asset growing up, but more in the way than anything, lol. I actually don’t pull them out often, so these boots more often than not always get the job of highlighting them done. Subtle with a whole lot of character, quite like myself. The trench is light enough to wear so it doesn’t suffocate you, perfect as the hot days turn into cool nights. I also paired the look with these leopard print cat eye sunglasses. To give this look a more fashion forward appeal and drastic change, I upped the dramatics using my accessories to do a majority of the emphasizing. 

I think my favorite 90s remix has to be, hands down, the remix to SWV’s ‘Anything’ off the 1994 Above The Rim soundtrack. Talk about the perfect house party jam and just an all around feel-good song. Every time I hear it, I’m literally transported back in time to the house party I always wanted to go to, but was never old enough to experience. 

What were your some of your favorite remixes? Do you remember any of the ones that were on a constant loop on the radio back in the day? I mean how could you forget ‘em when they played them every 2 songs, lol. Hope this inspired you to reinvent your seasonal fits, sometimes the best outfits for summer don’t need to be bought, just remixed… 

Until next time…



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