Hey y'all!

Last October, when D.R.A.M. dropped his debut album I discovered one of my favorite songs of all time. 'Cute' has to be one of the greatest songs I've ever been blessed to hear. While the song itself can come across kinda of corny or cliche', I like the authenticity and interest that DRAM expresses through his lyrics when he talks about how cute he thinks a girl is. It would be a matter of days before I knew all the words and was singing them at the top of my lungs every time it came on my shuffle. 

That song speaks to the very depths of my soul and I honestly have no shame in admitting my innate delight for that level of 'corny' cuteness. It got me wondering though, do guys even express this type of interest in girls anymore? I can't even remember the last time a guy called me cute. There's something so endearing about the term itself, just the mere mention of it captures a certain level of innocence that seems long gone once you become an adult. Though I am actively 'trying' (more like struggling) to 'adult', there's a certain level of fun and youthfulness that I like to maintain within my ever-evolving spirit.


I think there are certain characteristics that can convey any level of ‘cute’. Outside of physical attributes, there are certain things in life that just make things cuter. Whether it’s smile from across the room, a kind of gesture that’s specific to you, or even something that is pretty much innate within ourselves, we all of the potential to be cute. I think of moments I’ve spent with my friends, interactions with the opposite sex, the perfect songs for Spring and Summer, laughter, elaborate natural hairstyles, which are all things that can scream CUTE!

I think one of my favorite compliments in the whole wide world is when people tell me I'm cute. So often I can hear it being thrown back and forth as genuine term of endearment between my friends and I, it’s no wonder I hold it so near and dear to my heart. Whenever I genuinely smile at my mom and look at her with [what I feel like is] a whole lot of love, she'll tell me how cute I am and I honestly appreciate it so much. Probably because she’s actually one of the cutest people I’VE ever met, lol. From her quirks to her genuine love for people and her favorite things, her joyous reaction to a lot of things is nothing, but cute. It’s only right she’d feel the same way about me since I look damn near exactly like her, lol.

What makes you feel cute? Maybe it’s your favorite dress or maybe it’s when you finally take down your hair after having it up for too long? Maybe it’s when your friends compliment you or just waking up and looking in the mirror each morning? Could it be physical or built into the very epicenter of who you are? Or could it be both? Well, no matter what it is I hope you feel it in every way possible, I know I do… :)

Until next time,




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