Self-Care Tip #11: Pamper

Sometimes, when I find myself a bit overworked and overwhelmed, I’ll treat myself to a self-care ritual that benefits my physical upkeep as well as my self-esteem. It’s always nice to look good for yourself and taking care of simple self maintenance tasks can be gratifying in more ways than one. Every now and again when I’m feeling in need of some specific self-maintenance, I’ll take some time out to go to the nail salon to either get a well deserved (or more likely NEEDED) pedicure or full set if I’m feeling dramatic and want my hand gestures to reflect it. Back when I was in 7th grade, my mom took me to the nail shop to get my very first pedicure and it slowly, but surely became one of my favorite things to do for myself. As I got older, it started to become a requirement for my self-care routine whenever I had the funds to dedicate to it. I just love personal upkeep and maintenance that you can showcase whether it’s your hair, make up, outfit or nails, beautifying has to be one of my favorite parts of self-care. So with that, I’d like to present this week’s tip, Pamper, along side T9A’s first ever Black Business feature Nail Dega in Inglewood, CA.

Finding a decent nail salon has to be one of those seemingly difficult tasks for any woman with an affinity for a well pampered manicure and some poppin’ nail art. Since moving to Southern California, there was a little bit of difficulty finding the right shop that not only fit my needs, but whatever was in my pockets as well and with this nail salon I was able to get all that and more. I've frequented a few nail spots from Sunset all the way back to La Brea, but nothing compares to the home and sisterhood I managed to find at Nail Dega in Inglewood. I’ve had my own run-ins with different shops some small, some large, but I could always on them count on to keep it real and very cute.  


I began coming to this shop a little over a year and half ago after a tiresome google search of affordable nail shops in my neighborhood. I’d had been frequenting and dumping all my coins into another shop, and while I enjoyed going there, I just could no longer keep up with the expensive rates. Looking through Yelp, I stumbled across Nail Dega which was only a few miles away from my house and from the looks of the prices was something my ever-struggling pockets could afford. I checked out their site, looked at the menu, and was sold after I saw their signature pedicure included a Himalayan pink salt scrub and warm towel. With that I booked my first appointment and haven’t looked back or been to any other shop since. 


In addition to affordability, I love the camaraderie embodied within space and it’s nothing short of inspiring to see a black woman successfully running her own business, I mean who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by that? The ambiance in Nail Dega mirrors the atmosphere of so many black hair salons we’ve become so familiar with and accustomed to growing up, which is what sets it a part from a lot of other shops I’ve been to. With all that’s going on, safe spaces for black women and women of color can be few and far in between and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t constantly in search of that safe space everywhere I go, so I’m beyond thankful to have found it in space that I frequent to take care of my self-care needs. Not to mention you never know who’ll you’ll meet during your wait for your appointment. During my last stop for a fill, I met and spoke with Ms. Blair who told me about her career in the LA school district while raising 4 ambitious now-adult children to pursue their own dreams. I told Ms. Blair what I aspired to do, and she went as far as to claim it for me which is something that’s always refreshing and humbling to run into on this ever winding journey of mine. The positivity and good energy that seeps from the walls of this establishment will have you returning time and time again based off the good vibes and conversation that floats throughout the shop alone. 


Booking appointments is very easy and can be completed through their site. Once you’ve signed up, you can receive various discounts and promotions because I mean on top of affordability and quality, who doesn’t love a good discount? Every technician I’ve dealt with is both talented and well trained, but my favorite by far is the owner and head woman in charge herself, O. Always positive, concerned, and ready to check in with you as she shapes your nails to perfection, the experience is nothing short of amazing. When I first started going there, I told my friends I trusted her because she remembered my name and has big fluffy natural hair just like mine, lol. They have loads of colors to choose from and the designs they can do are just out of this world. I brought in a photo for O to do for me and she completed the job better than the picture itself. Sometimes they can be a bit a backed up because of their ever-growing range of clientele (I would suggest booking a late afternoon or evening appointment to avoid the rush), but the service is always A1 and well worth the wait. 


I’m so thankful and honored to be featuring them as my first Black Business Feature on the site, the first of hopefully many other features to come. So if you’re ever in the Los Angeles or Inglewood area and want to treat yourself to some pampering, please support this growing black business. I’ll be sure to include all their info down below. As usual, I hope this inspired you :)

Until next time…



Nail Dega Salon

8460 Crenshaw Blvd.

Inglewood, CA 90305

(323) 487-2806