Hey everyone,

Lately, I've been taking a lot of steps to get outside of myself and my comfort zone. I've gone places, experienced new things, attended different events and even bought interesting wardrobe items. Of the seemingly interesting & random items that I've purchased, was this 'ignorantly' green and obnoxious fur coat.

For as long as I can remember one of the biggest things that has held back me is my fear. My insecurities, worries, uncertainties and self-doubt have all stemmed from some form of fear. I worry constantly about everything from my feelings to my goals to my life in its entirety and making the right choices. I wonder everyday if I’m doing things right and it has taken everything in me to get out of my own way just so I can fully live.

Before starting this blog, I played it fairly safe when it came to fashion, but the more and more I stick with it, the more risks I find myself willing to take. While I’ve always been into fashion as a whole, when I was younger I worried a lot about being on trend and in accordance with what everybody was doing. I remember wanting to be noticed and liked by everyone so badly, and I hoped with all my heart that trying to be just like everyone else would get people to actually ‘see’ me. After a while, trying to keep up with the ever evolving opinions of everyone else, of course, became exhausting. And though I knew I’d run the risk of being judged for my fashion choices, I was honestly too exhausted from trying to keep up to care anymore, lol. So with that first risk being taken, came many more to take on fashion and otherwise…


Styling this coat made me feel like I had no fear, and I honestly couldn't wait to wear it. I feel like getting it was one of the many ‘new’ risks I decided to take on within the last year. I loved the boldness and outlandishness of it. It was a sort of a wardrobe challenge I couldn’t wait to take on, and in a sense I’ve started to look at my life kind of like that. There are so many things that I want to do and accomplish this year, travel, experience, listen to, create, write and even fully accept all of myself. I feel I’ve finally managed to stop letting my fears of rejection, pain and failure paralyze me and keep me from what I truly want. 

I clearly made this outfit work, so why not everything else?

Until next time...



Faux Fur Coat/ZARA   Necklace/Fashion BAWSE   Top/Forever21   Shorts/DIY-Thrift   Tights/eBay   Velvet Booties/Free People