My Daddy's Favorite Band [Tee]

Hey everyone!

As I’ve mentioned on plenty of other posts and on a majority of occasions involving anything having to do with music, my family’s main form of communication is through music, lol. Though my favorite genres are hands down R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and a hint of Pop, the older black lady living inside my chest looooooves old school music. Growing up in Oakland our radio was permanently tuned to the Bay Area’s #1 station for oldies, KBLX. Starting out, I didn’t know every artist or the name to every song, but through my parents I knew my old school music. I remember being in the 3rd grade on a field trip headed to a museum in San Francisco when a Spinners record came on the radio. I exclaimed excitedly, “MY DAD PLAYS THIS SONG!” And proceeded to hum the melody and sing whatever words I knew, very much to all the chaperones’ surprise, lol. 

My extensive knowledge of old school music is a combination of both my Mom and Dad’s music taste. While my Mom was more of a pop, disco and R&B from the tail end of the 70s well into the 90s kinda girl, my Dad was THEE funk, soul and ballad master. From the Stylistics to the Delfonics to Slave and every Cameo album under the sun, if my Daddy had it or could sing the melody, we knew it. While his list of favorite bands is probably a considerably long one, one of his favorite bands of all time is Parliament Funkadelic. So, when band tees made a comeback as a trend late last year, I knew I had to pick up a shirt with a band I grew up on and not just for fashion’s sake. Of course, there was nothing wrong with a lot of the other shirts I had seen floating around, but I didn’t want to wear a shirt with a band on it I wasn’t even a fan of. As usual, whenever I like a trend going on, I typically have to go just a little bit off course to be different. 

I figured Parliament is a vintage band, why not find a shirt with them on it? And in my usual fashion, I scoured all corners of the internet for one, lol. In my search, I was able to come across this one on eBay and it was just what I was looking for and wanted. It has quickly become one of my favorite tees and I was more than excited to style it for this post. I can’t get over how much my Dad is always inspiring and motivating me. I actually thought of the title of this post well in advance before I even bought the shirt because I just knew I was being clever, lol. I jazzed it up about with a few accessories and these boots that I’d been eyeing from Nordstrom’s Rack.

Side Note: These days I don’t trust many people who didn’t come up on or have some sort of knowledge of old school music. I just automatically assume your moral judgement probably isn’t all the way there. And I get we all have different backgrounds and come up different, but that’s no excuse for you not to know the basics. When Frankie Beverly & Maze’s “Before I Let You Go”, Cameo’s “Candy” or Luther Vandross’s “Never Too Much” comes on and I look to you and you don’t know even know some of the words? My faith and trust in you is completely broken instantaneously, lol. We’ve honestly got too many resources out here for people to not know their old school music.

Thanks Dad, and to everyone else know your music, know your history…

Until next time…




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