The Rebirth of Cool

Hey everyone,

Contrary to how cool people may think I am at the moment, my brother has always been MUCH cooler than me, and I'm not ashamed to say it, lol. While it took me quite a minute to step into my 'cool' (and what you're now currently experiencing is the result of years of hard work, lol), my Youngblood has been cool and unbothered from birth. 

For those who may be unfamiliar with me, meaning most of you, my Youngblood is my lil brother, Q. For those of you unfamiliar with a majority of my life, still all of you, aside from my Dad, my lil brother is the other portion of where I get my cool, and I figured he deserved an additional feature on the site. He's legitimately the coolest person I've ever met & had the pleasure of knowing, and while it took me a minute to step into my cool, he has always been courageous in standing in his element. It's been almost effortless his entire life & something I truly admire. It was a sense of self & self-love that I was always inspired by, even being the oldest. While he may have picked up some of his latest dressing habits from me, he never needed it to be cool, he was already the very essence of it. 

The rebirth of slick like my gangsta stroll...
— Digable Planets

I picked the quote from Digable Planets 'Rebirth of Slick' because it reminded me of him & his walk is just about as cool as he is, I don't know how this young man does it! And literally it's been the same all his life, just incredible (smh). Also, if you love your sibling you’ll probably just call ‘em, but if you're like me & you actually like your sibling too, it's only admirable that you gas ‘em up & put ‘em on your blog. Henceforth, the nature of this feature, lol.

What you're currently experiencing is the official 'Rebirth of Cool' from my own standpoint. My bruh and I are currently in the process of diving into new things, rediscovering ourselves, and evolving into something new constantly.


So where do you get your cool?

Hope you’ve been inspired. Until next time…



Dij: Turtleneck/Gap   Windbreaker/Thrifted   Denim Vest/Gap   Chain/ASOS   Jeans/Zara   Boots/JustFab

Youngblood: Sweater/Thrifted   Coat/Banana Republic   Jeans/Gap   Chelsea Boots/Banana Republic   Watch/Gift