Self-Care Tip #8: Podcast

Around January of last year, I remember my bestie, Manda, urging me to listen to something on our day out together. While headed back to my house she quickly pulled out her phone and played a bit of a podcast called The Read. We listened nearly falling out as Kid Fury highlighted some of his most ridiculous moments from 2015. Before I knew it I was binge listening trying to catch up and the podcast had become an integral part of my self-care regimen. If there’s anything I love more than anything it’s to laugh. But as I delve deeper into the world of Podcasting, I learned that other podcasters were doing more than just making you laugh, but somehow adding to the overall growth of their listeners as a whole. So on this blessed Sunday, I present you with Self Care Tip #8, Podcast.

Many may not understand how powerful words can be, but in the words of the illustrious Crissle West “words mean things”, so much so that these podcasters have gone to great and creative lengths to let it be known. Since December of last year, my ever-growing love of podcasts has become a major staple in my daily routine and self-care rituals. I’ve laughed, become enlightened, gained perspective, and learned more about myself than I ever could have imagine before and it is all just by listening to my favorite podcasts. Take a look at some of my favorites below:

The Read

My first ever dip/introduction into the podcast world began with the December 28th, Best of 2015 episode of Kid Fury and Crissle’s The Read on the Loud Speakers Network (via iTunes). These two discuss an array topics ranging from the political to the superficial to the mental to the spiritual, all in a hilariously unapologetic and honest way that leaves you wanting more than you ever could imagine before hearing their voices. From Crissle’s explosive laughter to Fury's spot on monotone comedic timing, you'll be on the floor entirely upon your first listen, lol. Discussing issues of pop culture relevance and aspects of a more political nature spun in with their real life experiences navigating the ever bustling streets of New York City, Kid Fury and Crissle make being unapologetically black, woke, and present the thing to be. Their inherent nonchalance for the pick of topics, just adds even more to their honest and comedic flare. If you need a laugh, an enlightening or just the most thorough of ‘reads’ until the bindings of the front and back covers of your own life fall off, I’d suggest you get into or get lost.


The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone was my second taste of the world of podcasts and the eye opening benefits of being able to listen in on a honest conversation of heath, wellness, and realness between friends. While the hilarity isn’t as blatantly seeped into the dialogue as The Read, the spot on comedic references given by co-hosts Dustin and Assante between Fran’s wellness tips and other serious areas of discussion, adds a perspective to your life you never knew you needed. Not to mention the impromptu musical freestyle numbers at the beginning of each show will have you swaying, bouncing and grooving in anticipation each new episode’s weekly topic of discussion. TFZ’s fresh-friendly new take on a mental health and wellness, will have you begging to be put in the friend zone with these three, (well unless you’re like me and already feel in your heart, mind, and spirit that these are your friends, lol). Check them out, I’m sure we’re all constantly due for a routine mental cleaning with a side of laughter and love.


Historically Black

Historically Black looks at various historically black people and events that give insight the politically, historically and revolutionary charges within the black community at large. I literally have my degree in blackness and black people, lol, so while this podcast speaks to the academician in me, it can speak to the innate historian in all of us. And with it being Black History month and all, I mean why not? Definitely check out this podcast to celebrate this month, lord knows we all could use facts that aren’t alternative *eye roll*, lol.


Comedy Trap House

Another hilarious podcast, that sheds a little bit of light on the male perspective that we could all use in our lives is the Comedy Trap House presented by the comedically inclined brothas of the internet-famous YouTube Channel, Dormtainment. I’ve followed Dormtainment since their early YouTube days recording videos back in Atlanta, and have remained a fan up until now. So when I saw that they were revamping their aesthetic and added podcast to their long list of talented endeavors I knew had to listen and support. These brothas have come up tremendously and have put their rise and struggle on display for a shot at pursuing their dreams professionally in the entertainment industry. While the comedy is inherent, their story, background and growth is more inspiring than ever and needed to provide continuous motivation for driven creatives such as myself. So check out this podcast and support them whenever you get a chance.



Starring the beautiful women of both The Read and The Friend Zone podcasts, Insecuritea is something we all needed a sip of while indulging in Issa Rae’s new hit show, Insecure. The background and in-depth perspective Fran and Crissle provide during their review of the show illuminates the array of issues and experiences that are touched on in the new hit series. At first look at the show viewers may get the series’ most important messages, but upon its second look and review by this podcast you’re forced to delve deeper beyond the superficiality of topics that tend to be glossed over in today’s society, but are not off limits to Fran and Crissle. From sexuality to relationships to life to love and careers, this podcast rounds out the illumination of the black women’s experience from a view of honesty, tangibility, and hilarity that leaves listeners learning and wanting more. I can’t tell you how many thought provoking discussions this podcast has brought up between me and my friends while watching Insecure. 


Room For Relations


This Houston-based podcast, recommended to me by a close friend of mine, has become a staple in my binge-listening sessions. Room For Relations sheds light on love, sex, and relationships between men and women through the discussion of various articles and topics. This podcast is literally a reflection of the real kinds of discussions you may have with both your male and female friends. Run by certified sex and relationship therapist, Eboni Harris, it literally brings new light to the perspectives of both men and women regarding issues and experiences in the millennial dating game and relationship worlds.

Just like you can binge watch via Netflix, you can binge listen via Podcast platforms, such as Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. I wasn’t quite certain what purpose podcasts could serve before I delved deeper into my seriousness surrounding self-care, but they definitely add so much more to your life than you’d think. These are real people discussing real things that are tangible and real to all of us, and how amazing is it to be able to share in their thought processes regarding some of today’s leading topics, experiences, and perspectives that we’re all thinking about and discussing amongst ourselves?

So whether you’re working around the house, sitting at your desk, chilling, or on your way to work or school, you can always indulge in some self-care with these podcasts and open your mind to new perspectives and experiences that leave your mind open for constant progression and growth. These are the podcasts I’d recommend to get you started, but you can always search for more. So if you’re looking to expand your self-care regimen by a little bit, I’d suggest you check out the podcasts above and get into the groove of something new that could possibly add to you.


As usual, remember to make sure you’re constantly doing the work to take care of yourself. As always, I hope this inspired you, until next time… Happy listening! :)




*All Photos are credits of each individual podcast's respective site*