It Never Rains in Southern California

Hey y’all,

Towards the end of the year is when the weather here in LA gets real ambiguous and just kinda does with its inhabitants what it wants. As I’m sure many can assume, Fall is probably the most beloved time of year for most fashion forward enthusiasts such as myself. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, it’s the best time to put 65% of your wardrobe and greatest layering ability on display. 


I just knew by the end of October, I’d finally be able to bust out my favorite jackets, coats, and sweaters for the season, but October came and went and the Lord gave the latter half of California a rousing and loud, “Nah, sis,” in the form a small heatwave nobody asked for.  


I went ahead and paired my ruffle crop top with these flowy pants I thrifted in Burbank earlier this year. While the outfit itself is pretty summery, the color palette I chose definitely incorporates more neutral and brown tones to give a bit of a Fall aesthetic. I’m assuming based on the recent weather forecast, these colors are as close to Fall as I’ll most likely get, lol. 


As of right now (meaning the beginning of December), it somehow still manages to be summer in LA and honestly, I just want to wear my coats. But in the mean time, I’ve taken advantage of the sporadic hot weather to get my last few summer outfits in before Fall/Winter comes (IF it ever decides to come). Tony! Toni! Toné! was clearly on to something because their weather forecast from 1990 still rings true in 2017 *eye roll*.  

Until next time



Glasses/TopShop   Top/ZARA   Necklace/H&M   Pants/Thrifted   Sandals/Brazil   Casio/eBay   Cuff/Urban Outfitters   Melanin/GOD