The Men's Section

Hey y’all!

Have you ever wondered if people think of women’s comfort when creating women’s apparel? Well, me personally, I don’t think they do, lol. If they did I think there’d be way more pockets, breathable fabric and substantially less high heeled shoes. I feel like men's apparel is created with comfort in mind, whereas with women's clothing not so much. I'm sure any woman will tell you as fun as getting dressed is, we'd much rather be wearing leggings and an oversized hoodie, at least that's how a majority of my friends and I feel. Braless, in my favorite oversized sweater, ’ugly’, and sprawled out on my couch, relieved of any and all societal pressures is generally what I prefer most. While men can carry their comfort around with them everywhere, for the most part, we gotta wait until we get home, lol. 

Looking back on some of my favorite music videos, some of my favorite artists were taking men's apparel by storm. You think about the wardrobe in the ‘Love No Limit’ video where Mary J and all her dancers were clad in the infamous combat boot and baseball jersey combination. Aaliyah, during the heights of the ‘Age Ain't Nothing But a Number’ and ‘One In a Million’ albums, was always in some oversized menswear. All the dope 90’s greats, TLC, Xscape, Jade, Missy, all utilized some form of men’s fashion in their looks, so dipping into the men's section clearly ain't nothing new. It's almost as if women in men's apparel was an inherent part of the overall 90’s Aesthetic (no pun intended). I can honestly say some of my most timeless pieces are men's clothing, this hoodie and bomber included.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely realized there a various ways to style men’s fashion and make it your own, all comfort included. Take this hoodie for example, to jazz it up and make it my own, I cut it and made it into a cropped hoodie. Right before bombers became a major thing, I copped this men’s MA-1 bomber off Amazon and it’s lasted me since I got it a few years back. Some things never get old, and I guess venturing into the men’s section is one of those things. So if you’re looking for oversized tops or shirts, don’t be afraid to head over to the men’s section to cop a top and DIY it into something of your own.

As usual, hope this inspires you…

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