Self-Care Tip #7: Film

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve absolutely loved going to the movies. Some of my best memories revolve around seeing my favorite films. Growing up my Mom would wake my brother and I up early, so we could catch the matinee prices at the theater near Hilltop Mall. He probably doesn’t remember, but on his day off while I was home from school, my Dad took me with him, so he could see Bulworth which was very much rated-R (and probably why Ghetto Superstar is still one of my favorite songs), lol. Of course, as a teen, the movies evolved into the place to meet up, hang out, and be foolish. Back in high school, my friends and I pretended to be grown and always found ourselves at Bay St. (and/or Emery Bay for some of the old heads, lol). But aside from the atmosphere surrounding the ever-evolving culture of movie going, I just enjoyed being able to learn and experience new things through film, while getting lost in the various perspectives and perceptions of life. And with all the amazing films that’ve dropped over the last few months I figured why not talk about it? So this week’s tip is Film.

I’m sure you may be wondering, ‘well what makes this a Self-Care tip’? Well much like the other activities I’ve discussed on previous tips, going to or watching a film gives you a temporary break from reality. More often than not, it forces you to focus on the current task at hand, which is paying attention to a film, so that you can follow a story line. While it seems fairly simple, it literally gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in something else while taking your mind off other life occurrences. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve given myself a break from life just by going to the movies. And you’d be surprised how freeing sitting quietly in a dark room in front of a large screen can be, lol.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten extremely comfortable with going to the movies by myself, so much so I often prefer it. I love the feeling of having the theater to myself, picking any seat I like and kicking up my feet like I own the place. Before I got the job that I have now, I took full advantage of the time I had off and made my way to theater near my house for all the afternoon matinee prices. Back in October, I saw Southside with You. Most recently, I saw Hidden Figures with my squad, Moonlight on my day off and I’m planning to see Fences really soon. Each film was an incredibly realistic film depiction of blackness through various narratives, real and fiction. The narratives depicted in these films illuminated different sides of the black identity that is hardly ever given the time of day. I highly suggest going to see each film if you can, I know I soaked up and threw my coins at all the black films I possibly could in the last six months, lol. 

My favorite movie of all time is Love Jones, but some of my favorites following that are classics like Coming to America, Cleopatra Jones, and Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. All of which I can quote down to the very last sentence and own a physical copy of on DVD, lol. And while I have an extreme fondness of black cinematic masterpieces and the blaxploitation genre, I do have a wide range of genres that I enjoy. Some of my favorite movies to watch fall under the action, drama, or romantic comedy categories. I also enjoy indie films, stand-up specials, and good historical documentary, which is why in spite of growing technological advances I still plan to own some sort of DVD collection just for aesthetics sake, lol.

So next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, give yourself a break by watching your favorite movie and treating yourself to an outing at the theater. I promise it’ll be worth it…

As always remember to take care of yourself, your mind, body and spirit will thank you :)

Until next time...