So I wanted a shirt with Tupac Smillin'....

Hey everyone,

Awhile back, I was in search of a Tupac tee, but something different from the shirts I’d been seeing. So I did what I always do and seemed to have a knack for when I wanted a certain piece, and scoured the entire internet and whatever stores in search of the most unique of the Tupac shirts, lol. I’ve always loved Tupac’s smile and thought wouldn’t it be dope if I could find a tee without middle fingers, but instead with him smiling? And wouldn’t you know it, God showed up and I was able to come across something with just what I wanted. When I tell you I wasn’t playing, there was not a game to be played! 

The way I find various articles of clothing that I really like always reminds me that I am truly capable of whatever I put my mind to, lol. Those shoes sold out on another site? That shirt $300? Those pants only sold in one place? Don’t have me find it because I will and for less. Again, what games? I say not a damn one!

There’s a lot of versatility to my overall style, so I paired the tee with some black jeans, a leather jacket and a dark lip to make it bold and edgy. But the shirt is plain enough for me to lighten the look up as well, so you’ll most likely see it again in a completely different way. Everyone should know that the best pieces are the ones you can recycle and reuse in your wardrobe constantly.

Shoutout to the overseas sellers on Amazon! 

As usual, I hope this inspired you, until next time :)



Moto Jacket/Zara   Shirt/Amazon   Jeans/Zara   Shoes/eBay