Jean on Jean

Hey y'all!

Back when I was in college while heading out to a festival, my best friend accidentally paired a jean jacket and jean shorts without realizing it. Even though she looked cute, I can still hear her in my head going ‘EWWWWWW jean on jeaaaannn’ with a disgusted face. She hated it, lol. So, I know she was more than perturbed when the very thing she hated became a trend.


We’ve grown a lot since then, and idk if she still hates it, but it kinda grew on me, I mean with the right washes of course. None of that mixing washes foolishness, bruh either wear the same wash or different color jean, that’s my only rule. Other than that, I’m here for it.

I even managed to put a spin on the trend. I experimented a while back wearing this vest as a top and pairing it with these high waisted shorts, and it was a jean wash combination made in heaven. This outfit is actually thrifted from head to toe, except for the chucks. Funny story, the vest was actually a dress for girls that I cut into a top. I guess in some cases being an Itty Bitty Titty Committee member & co-chair you get some sorta leverage, but other than that you just gotta deal with your sternum constantly being exposed *shrugs*.

Shout out to my dear friend, Seyi, for the amazing photos. Also, no, I am not a 2011 Golf Champion, but what a milestone huh?

Until next time :)



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