The 5 Outfit Rule

Hey y’all!

Looking at these photos, I realized that I’ve literally used each of these items in a previous post and somehow managed to combine them into a whole new outfit, lol. As I’ve become more strategic with my shopping habits, I’ve begun to lean more towards buying timeless pieces, meaning pieces I can constantly wear time and time again, just in new and creative ways. I try to make sure that when buying a certain piece, I can wear it in a multitude of ways and with more than just one thing.

Typically, what I try to remember when shopping or picking up a new item is whether or not its going to have a high level of longevity and wearability. A rule that I’ve creating for myself (so that I don’t go over board) is if I cannot create more than five completely different outfits with an item, I cannot buy it. 87% of the time the rule usually helps, the other 13% when I find myself falling in love with something, we ain’t gotta talk about, lol. The important thing IS a majority of the time (when you stick with it) IT DOES work. So, if you find me in a store or online hovering over an item, I’m usually trying to think of a minimum number of outfits, so I can add it to my wardrobe. This allows me to cut back while getting as creative as I can with my style. 

The next time you find yourself reaching for an item you think you want, but you’re not too sure about how to wear it, take a step back and think of as many outfits as you can with it. You’ll learn quickly just how much you don’t need certain things as much as you thought you did. This process I’m sure will have your wallet and bank account thanking you in the end. Try it out, you may learn something about your style and yourself :)

It's several posts later, and I'm still tryin' to figure what this shirt was doin' in the men's section, lol. Until next time…


Dij <3

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