Waitin' on Fall Like...

Hey y’all!

I’ve been thinking about this particular look for weeks! I’ve just been dying to post it, but I’ve been trying to wait for it to actually be Fall before I posted it. That unfortunately has not happened, so I’m just gonna go head and post it now because I love this coat and it's my favorite thing, lol. I actually have a lot of content, but I have schedule that I stick to, to keep me consistent before I start posting more frequently. 

I’ve really been growing into my style as of late and have been experimenting with statement pieces. This checkered trench was one of them and *whispers loudly* I LOVE IT. It is literally all the things and I don’t know how to act when I’m wearing it. I’ve been finding pieces that seem kinda random to stretch myself creatively and see how well I can style them. So far so good, thank goodness. 

I literally thought up and put together this look along with 2 others one Friday night, texted my homie, and had them shot by Sunday afternoon. I was planning on washing my hair and the only way these looks would’ve worked is if my hair was still pressed, so I had to snatch things together immediately for my vision to make sense. Shoutout to him for coming through and bringing these looks to life on such short notice.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Fall until I stopped being a broke student and finally had the money to get dressed for it. For me (now), it literally just means I have more of an opportunity to showcase 65% of my wardrobe in one outfit and show up and show out in the name of the slay. And if it’s two things I show up in the name of (besides God), it’s in the name of the ancestors and the name of the slay.

Hope wherever you are you’re getting a chance to actually experience Fall, unlike me… *squints & looks off into the distance* I want to believe it’s on the horizon, but the forecast for next week says 88 degrees, so I truly don’t know, lol.

Hope this inspired you, until next time :)



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