Hey y’all!

I can honestly say this year has literally been a [Traveling] Black Girl Magic Exhibition from top to bottom! I mean Rihanna, Beyonce, and Solange dropped magnificent bodies of work all exploring black femininity in various ways, shapes, and forms. The music from their albums is literally still a staple on all my playlists. While I AM basking in the light and creative body of work that is Solo Star at the moment, I LIVED for ANTI when Rihanna dropped it back in January. It was carefree, it was dark, it was rude, and ultimately unbothered, the ultimate feminist work without apology, and I, me myself, WAS HERE FOR IT. So you could imagine when I put together this outfit, it gave off all the ANTI vibes, from the leather jacket to suede thigh highs to the dark lip? Oh girl *chuckles*, I wasn’t playing. 

Growing into my womanhood, I’ve been told I can be pretty intimidating and unapproachable. I tend to speak my mind, hold people accountable, observe, make all the faces, and roll my eyes a lot. People would tell me how men didn’t like that and men would tell me to smile. I HATED THAT. First off, who are you? Second, who asked you, and third, why is my facial expression any of your business? And these are actual questions that I’ve posed to people, lol. 

I’ll admit I tried to soften myself for the sake of others, but then I had to stop and think, why would I live in discomfort for the comfort of others? I’m a black woman, my very existence in this society is made to feel uncomfortable by everyone, why not be all of who I am and be free? My presence by default offends 87.9% of everyone, so why not make myself comfortable? I’m not mean, I’m naturally very kind, but my favorite pastime is minding my business and I’d just like it if others would do the same especially when it comes to me and how I’m choosing to live, lol. 

I decided to keep my attitude on and unfortunately, for those who gave me their unsolicited opinions ANTI amplified it, lol. It was the soundtrack to this outfit and my unbothered attitude towards outside opinion and perception, especially that of the male persuasion. I really and truly had no time to appease the likes of others when I was steady working to love and accept myself. Needless to say, it worked out for the best, and it allowed me to slip further and comfortably into the skin God gave me. I just realized I don’t have to do anything for anyone especially if it means creating a level of discomfort for myself, and people can believe what they want b/c the question again is WHO are you? lol. As long as I’m living and doing what God has laid out for me, I trust that I’ll be fine. You ain’t got to put on a show people merely request, but don’t buy tickets to. And after years of trying to please everyone, I stopped tap-dancing on the people’s stage and moved to doing a smooth two-step in the corner ‘cause my feet were tired and I had to live for me…

I hope this inspired you to do what’s best and live for you. It takes a second, but I promise you’ll get there…

Until next time… :)



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