Keep Your Light

Hey everyone,

This week has been pretty heavy on all of us. It’s hard to even register all that’s happening in the country with the political climate and social unrest. Upon finding out that a flaming all-encompassing bigot and sexual predator would be taking the oval office, I instantly became worried about my safety in this country, and that of others. I couldn’t even begin to fathom the emotional distress I felt regarding the intersections of my identity as a Muslim, Black person, and woman. Whatever prolonged comfort or hope that I longed for quickly dissipated the night of the election. With all the blatant national bigotry just mounting, I worried that I’d loose all that I worked for from school to the love I had built for myself and my people to the renewed faith in God. And as the results and stats of who voted slowly rolled in, it felt as if the hope and progress I had made up until this point was slipping away little by little. But the next morning, though I woke up with a pain on my chest, I began to feel resentful of all the pain and pity I found myself in, and I started to think of all the things I had been blessed with to date. Following a phone call with my mother, I made the conscious decision, though being adversely affected by the presidential results, I was not going to allow the national “foolery” to steal my light or the joy that I had worked so hard to build.

While I can honestly say it is much easier said than done, I can also say that my decision was a step in the right direction for my personal peace of mind. I declared, for myself, I worked to damn hard to allow the outlandish political climate to ruin me and my blessings.

Now I am in no way dismissing the fear, hurt and pain that is present at this time, not at all. But I am trying to be fully conscious of what keeps my spirit and well-being in tact. Too many people have worked, lived, and died for me to get this far and live the life I’ve laid out for myself. It would be unfair of me to think that some fool with no moral compass, innate consciousness, or empathy could strip me of my God-given joy and ability to live, all because the ‘majority’ in this nation showed it’s true colors along with the entirety of its ass. I cannot stop living, I cannot stop loving, I cannot stop spreading positivity and pouring into those in need because of this. I reminded myself I have to keep going for the sake of others in my shoes and myself. I have realized I have a purpose and vision, and that God is working through me to build on the capacity that I have developed to inspire and move others. I have to keep pushing and working in spite of these seemingly terrible odds. 


Harriet Tubman, Flo Kennedy, June Jordan, Jayne Cortez, Ida B Wells, and many others have lived through times of heartache and struggle, still managed to get the word out and never stopped fighting. I am an honorable descendent of blackness, and through my living and pushing forward I honor those who’ve come before me and paved the way for my greatness. And although I dream of the day when we know longer have to fight to prove our humanity, I would be doing myself a disservice if I stopped having faith and fighting now. 

Long story short, you cannot stop me, nor can you steal my light. It is mine and no one but, I can have it. I’m going to use ALL the melanin and Black Girl Magic I possess to stomp all over your bigotry and ridiculous foolishness, and you’re just gonna have to stay mad because I ain’t going NOWHERE…

Please, please don’t let anyone steal your light or your joy, remember that is your God-given right and nobody runs you, but you… Your self-love and self-care is important now more than ever, so please take care of yourself…

I hope this inspired you, until next time… :)


Dij <3

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