Hello Everyone!

My name is Khadija, otherwise known as Dij, and welcome to my new and improved blog, The 90s Aesthetic

I'm an LA transplant by way of Oakland, CA. A UCR and UCLA Alumna, I hold my BA in English and an MA in African-American Studies. While academia has taken up a majority of my life, fashion has always been kind of my thing and something that I enjoy. I like to refer to myself as the self-claimed cool kid & academician turned serious fashion blogger. I've always treated getting dressed as my favorite hobby, but after much persistence from friends and inquires about some of my looks from others via social media, I decided to take the leap and create a new blog (my second one actually), and The 90s Aesthetic was born! 

The 90s Aesthetic was born out of my obsession with the most classic era ever, the 90s, and fashion. My personal style is Urban Contemporary 90s Aesthetic. When I found myself thrifting some years back, I'd constantly find classic, one-of-kind pieces that reminded me of my favorite TV shows, movies, and music videos from that era and mixed them with contemporary fashion trends. I wanted to create an aesthetic that incorporated it, but didn't consume my wardrobe. 

The 90s Aesthetic is a urban fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated not only to inspiring and enhancing the fashion sense of young women such as myself, but encouraging the well being and self preservation of others as well.