Waitin' on Fall Like...

Hey y’all!

I’ve been thinking about this particular look for weeks! I’ve just been dying to post it, but I’ve been trying to wait for it to actually be Fall before I posted it. That unfortunately has not happened, so I’m just gonna go head and post it now because I love this coat and it's my favorite thing, lol. I actually have a lot of content, but I have schedule that I stick to, to keep me consistent before I start posting more frequently. 

I’ve really been growing into my style as of late and have been experimenting with statement pieces. This checkered trench was one of them and *whispers loudly* I LOVE IT. It is literally all the things and I don’t know how to act when I’m wearing it. I’ve been finding pieces that seem kinda random to stretch myself creatively and see how well I can style them. So far so good, thank goodness. 

I literally thought up and put together this look along with 2 others one Friday night, texted my homie, and had them shot by Sunday afternoon. I was planning on washing my hair and the only way these looks would’ve worked is if my hair was still pressed, so I had to snatch things together immediately for my vision to make sense. Shoutout to him for coming through and bringing these looks to life on such short notice.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Fall until I stopped being a broke student and finally had the money to get dressed for it. For me (now), it literally just means I have more of an opportunity to showcase 65% of my wardrobe in one outfit and show up and show out in the name of the slay. And if it’s two things I show up in the name of (besides God), it’s in the name of the ancestors and the name of the slay.

Hope wherever you are you’re getting a chance to actually experience Fall, unlike me… *squints & looks off into the distance* I want to believe it’s on the horizon, but the forecast for next week says 88 degrees, so I truly don’t know, lol.

Hope this inspired you, until next time :)



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Self-Care Tip #3: Write

Hey everyone! :) 

By default, I’m sure that many know and can tell that I’m a writer. I’m a poet, I’m a storyteller, I’m wordsmith, I am a lover of words! Just as math isn’t may favorite thing, I know the trade of writing may not come easy to everyone, but just as math has it’s perks, there are many benefits of writing, especially when it comes to Self-Care. Writing can be an essential part of your growth and development, and gives you an inside perspective to who you are, where you’re at, and what your thoughts are in regards to any and everything, whether it be for functional or more personal uses. You don’t have to be a writer or some magnificent wordsmith in order to write. I’d like to introduce writing as a useful and reflective tool in building self-awareness and introspection. Introducing Self-Care Tip #3: Write.

I knew from a young age I preferred writing. Language Arts was my favorite subject, English was my major and later on became my field of expertise and study. But outside of those things, I wrote in my free time and developed a love for writing outside of the classroom. It was my go-to form of artistic and self expression, whether it was journaling or creating, I was always writing. In many cases, it’s the easiest way for me to express myself because I can actually SEE my ideas on paper. Even (much to the chagrin of my friends) my text messages can be short essays, lol. But it wasn’t until I got older and started engaging in the works of others that I realized how essential writing could be to better understanding yourself and where you might be in your life. Writing in such a personal space gives you the ability to reflect and check in with yourself. It creates a space for you to write out your thoughts and give your mind a break from itself, while allowing you to look back and even push forward towards personal growth. Writing is literally the starting point to manifest your thoughts and ideas. 

Many of us have the tendency to allow our thoughts to sit, control and even overrun us. Our minds run a million miles a minute thinking of what we have to do, what we’re going through at the moment, what’s bothering us, who’s bothering us, and without even realizing it we end up carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Writing gives you an opportunity to let all those things out and even let them go. Retaining our thoughts (especially the negative ones) with no outlet only allows for us to hold onto things longer than needed. Writing, in a sense, gives us an outlet to vent, let go, and be free (if only for a moment) from our personal burdens. This outlet gives ourselves a break from our thoughts, rather than having to constantly carry them with us. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had something weigh heavy on my spirit and how writing it out lifted it for me. It literally gives me the opportunity to get things off my chest, without having to share or hold on to it. Once that happens you’d be surprised at the clear visual of your own feelings you’ve gained. It’s not something that happens over night either, sometimes you have to write it out multiple times before it has any impact, but the goal is to help lift whatever is weighing on you.

Writing doesn’t always have to relate to whatever issues are weighing on you either, it can also serve as an essential tool in developing ideas as well. It can range from listing what you have to do for the day to developing a creative concept you’d like to pinch, writing can do a multitude of things for development.

But as someone who has personally seen the work that writing has done for me, I’d implore you to try it. Get a notebook, journal or even the Notes on your phone, so you have a singular place to keep track of your thoughts and start writing. Start as small as you need to, don’t think of it as something needing to be a manuscript or scroll of some sort, just write down how your day went, give yourself a moment to reflect and check in with yourself. It can be as simple as “I had a great day, but something that someone said to me really got me thinking.” Start up once a week asking yourself simple questions:

-How am I feeling?

-How did my day/week go?

-What did I do today?

-What did I learn today?

-What would I like improve for a better tomorrow?


This gives you an opportunity to layout your thoughts, dreams, hopes, and ideas to reflect on and have a physical manifestation of them, so you don’t have to constantly keep track of them. The notes in my phone are filled to the brim with ideas, think pieces, stories, concepts, and poems, I’m constantly writing things down. I promise you, there is nothing MORE annoying than losing track of an amazing idea or the start of a dope poem, so I literally cannot get through the day without taking note of something. Writing can help you map out and track your personal growth and progress, giving you something to look back on and continuously build upon, you can see the start to developing a foundation on which your growth is based.

So give writing a try for at least a month and go back and check in with yourself, you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about yourself and track your own growth. Please continue to check-in and invest in yourself, you deserve it. A strong sense of self is key to continuous growth…

As usual, I hope this inspired you, until next time :)


Dij <3


Hey everyone,

I wonder when people look at me what do they see? Do they see my spirit? Can you see who I am as a person? All that I’ve worked for? All that I’ve accomplished? I wonder what people see when they look at my parents, my brother, my friends? All my life I’ve been black, I’ve never found any shame in being proud of who I am, where I come from, and the majesty that is the center of my identity. I’ve loved blackness, black people, black culture with no shame in sight, so much so that it even offended others, and surprisingly most of those people were black, lol. At the age of 22, I ripped off my mask and stopped the exhausting task of policing myself, I finally began to let myself breathe, and I saw myself in every other black person I came in contact with, even those I didn’t know or may not have agreed with. I started my journey to loving myself and by extension it gave me the strength and courage to love other people that looked like me and experienced what I did. 

But I still wondered what people saw when they looked at me? Did they know I had multiple degrees? Did they know I had a little brother that looked up to me? Did they know I was my mother’s greatest accomplishment? Did they know I was cultivating the black girl magic in a young girl named Avery? Did they know I wrote poems? Did they know I loved to read? Did they know I hugged people I didn’t even know when I could see they were upset? Did they know I collected vintage records and loved jazz? Did they know I had loss someone? Did they know I washed my hair in sections because there was so much of it? Did they know how hard I worked to love who I am and that standing in my truth became my hobby? Could they see that I’ve loved so hard up until this point that it nearly ripped me apart? Did they know my friends looked to me to boost their spirits with my overzealous compliments? Did they know I was somebody’s somebody? All the things that truly made me human, did people actually see that?

The officer that murdered Terence Crutcher out of fright described him as this “big bad dude”. She didn’t even stop to think that his sister, Tiffany, his children, his mother were at home waiting for him to tell them what he had learned in school that day. She wrote him off as this “big bad dude” who had no one, no place to go, nothing to lose, just some sort of problem looking to be exterminated, a stain on American society needing to be rubbed out. But not a father, not a brother, not a friend… So easily when looking at the lives of black people, many instantly lack the compassion, empathy or humanity to see us as someone having a home. There is more humanity for a flag or a pile of words than a black life. My dad is 6’3”, dark skin, a little over 200lbs, and could easily fit the description of somebody’s narrative of a ‘big bad dude’. But my father has two jobs, brothers who call him, gives out home remedies at work, falls asleep anywhere from working so hard, loves to read in his car, and picks up my phone call on the second ring. And even if he did none of those things, somebody would still love and be waiting somewhere for him. Keith Lamont Scott was waiting for his son to come home from school while reading in his car. When I look at Keith Lamont Scott, when I look at Terrence Crutcher or my dad, I see a father, somebody’s somebody.  

If you’re silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it...
— Zora Neale Hurston

Getting older, I've begun to realize that many people lack the capacity (and even refuse) to see the humanity in black lives, but no matter who we are somebody somewhere loves us, even if the majority doesn’t. As a black woman, I have to keep yelling, I have to keep speaking, I have to be a voice for someone because nobody is listening. There is so much diversity and depth to the black identity, it’s impossible to fit into just one narrative, especially a narrative that’s been lying on you since you were brought here, and yet that’s the only story people keep sitting down to listen to. Looking at me you wouldn’t know I was Muslim? You wouldn’t know my mother calls me every other day, or that my best friends send me ridiculous things to make me laugh? I’m so tired of trying to explain to people that black lives are people too, we love too, we hurt too, and we matter. So I took it upon myself to write all over a vintage jean jacket, all the characteristics that not only make me human, but black and describe who I am as a person to give people a better look at what they can’t see. This is a statement piece in more ways than one. I am someone’s, I am a daughter, I am valued, I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a niece, I am a scholar, I am loved, I matter. I’ve taken a stand all my life. This jacket is just a physical affirmation of my humanity, so even if you don’t realize it, I do and I am very real. I am loud, I am black, I am woman, I am unapologetic, I am revolutionary, I am magic, I am emotional, I am feeling, I am tired, and I AM HERE. I am somebody's somebody…

Know that you are loved and valued <3

Thank you for reading, until next time,



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So I wanted a shirt with Tupac Smillin'....

Hey everyone,

Awhile back, I was in search of a Tupac tee, but something different from the shirts I’d been seeing. So I did what I always do and seemed to have a knack for when I wanted a certain piece, and scoured the entire internet and whatever stores in search of the most unique of the Tupac shirts, lol. I’ve always loved Tupac’s smile and thought wouldn’t it be dope if I could find a tee without middle fingers, but instead with him smiling? And wouldn’t you know it, God showed up and I was able to come across something with just what I wanted. When I tell you I wasn’t playing, there was not a game to be played! 

The way I find various articles of clothing that I really like always reminds me that I am truly capable of whatever I put my mind to, lol. Those shoes sold out on another site? That shirt $300? Those pants only sold in one place? Don’t have me find it because I will and for less. Again, what games? I say not a damn one!

There’s a lot of versatility to my overall style, so I paired the tee with some black jeans, a leather jacket and a dark lip to make it bold and edgy. But the shirt is plain enough for me to lighten the look up as well, so you’ll most likely see it again in a completely different way. Everyone should know that the best pieces are the ones you can recycle and reuse in your wardrobe constantly.

Shoutout to the overseas sellers on Amazon! 

As usual, I hope this inspired you, until next time :)



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Jean on Jean

Hey y'all!

Back when I was in college while heading out to a festival, my best friend accidentally paired a jean jacket and jean shorts without realizing it. Even though she looked cute, I can still hear her in my head going ‘EWWWWWW jean on jeaaaannn’ with a disgusted face. She hated it, lol. So, I know she was more than perturbed when the very thing she hated became a trend.


We’ve grown a lot since then, and idk if she still hates it, but it kinda grew on me, I mean with the right washes of course. None of that mixing washes foolishness, bruh either wear the same wash or different color jean, that’s my only rule. Other than that, I’m here for it.

I even managed to put a spin on the trend. I experimented a while back wearing this vest as a top and pairing it with these high waisted shorts, and it was a jean wash combination made in heaven. This outfit is actually thrifted from head to toe, except for the chucks. Funny story, the vest was actually a dress for girls that I cut into a top. I guess in some cases being an Itty Bitty Titty Committee member & co-chair you get some sorta leverage, but other than that you just gotta deal with your sternum constantly being exposed *shrugs*.

Shout out to my dear friend, Seyi, for the amazing photos. Also, no, I am not a 2011 Golf Champion, but what a milestone huh?

Until next time :)



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Self-Care Tip #2: Museums

Hey everyone,

(My apologies for the delay in posting, my sinuses have been trying to kill me)

Earlier this week I headed out on a solo adventure to The Broad Museum in DTLA, and thought why not document the trip for the blog? So here it is, this week’s Self-Care Tip #2: Museums.

Awhile ago, I used to have such a complex about getting out and doing stuff on my own. I felt weird about the idea of hanging out alone, and I always felt like I needed somebody to go with me places, so I wouldn’t seem weird. After awhile I realized you couldn’t do everything with everybody, and I figured why not do more things by myself? Who am I to deprive myself of things because somebody wasn’t there? I spend enough hours in the day being surrounded by a bunch of people why not do something for myself? It started off as a solo date to happy hour at my favorite restaurant then it turned into solo trips to the record store, the park, the beach and even shopping. I started to realize how much I enjoyed my own company, and through those outings learned so much about myself.

Jean-Michael Basquiat "Horn Players" 1983, a dedication to Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker

Of the many things I enjoy doing that don’t involve giving people my time, going to the museum is one of them. On social media, we’re constantly bombarded with the idea of the perfect date and I, myself, have fallen victim to fantasizing about when somebody was going to finally take me to the museum, lol. I just knew if I waited long enough like Tumblr told me to, some guy would come along, read my mind, and take me to the museum. Well long story short, in the process of waiting I got tired and very antisocial, so I just took myself on the date I always wanted, lol. I put on what I thought was my most museum outfit (giving all the curator vibes), which included a tweed blazer, round frames and velvet flats, and on a random Tuesday caught an Über and went to the Broad. 

Though being a student did grow tiresome for me, I never exhausted my hunger to learn especially when being presented with an opportunity to learn things about myself. And while the museum may be boring to the some, it’s one of the best places to learn and see random things. Like, why is there a gigantic table and chairs and balloon dog on display? Who thinks of stuff like that? Why are these items so large, can I touch them? Why is there a porcelain caricature of Michael Jackson and Bubbles? Somebody please point me to nearest description so I have an explanation for these random things on display. Nonetheless, I had a grand time, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even saw an authentic Basquiat with my own eyes, it was amazing. I’d recommend solo adventures to any and everyone. 


Basquiat 'Self Portrait'

Andy Warhol

Me, and those "Curator Vibes" I was telling you about...

I’m working on doing all the things I’ve always wanted (not to be all “Independent Woman”, despite being just that), just to get a better sense of who I am and what I like. I like to know everything I can about myself that way if anyone tries me, I can laugh at them and go on about my business, lol. Your time is the most precious thing you have to offer, so why not give it to yourself and do some things you like? You’re definitely worth it. The road to self-discovery is a long and winding one, but so worth the travel. Try it, you’ll be surprised at what you find…

As usual, I hope this inspired you, until next time :)



The Broad

221 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Contemporary Around The Way Girl

Hey everyone!

Growing up my Dad had a ton of snapbacks and was just the coolest person alive to me. I wanted to be just like him. He’d tell me and my brother stories of how he’d always be late to first period because everybody wanted to talk to him and dap him up in the hallways on the way to class. As I got older, I knew I wanted to capture his essence of cool for myself.


I knew what vibes I wanted give off and for me, they were very Oakland, very black, and very unapologetic. I did unconventional things, used a lot of slang in conjuncture with academic prose, made a lot of facial expressions, collected records, did poetry, shopped in the men’s section at Forever21, during the process of developing my own style I thought I was lit, LOL. I put a spin on what I thought my Dad’s aesthetic of cool was and made it my own. It took me a minute, but I made it a point to make myself comfortable in my own skin, and once I reached a certain level of comfort, the level of cool that proceeded it was effortless.

I’ve always kind of considered myself a contemporary ‘Around the Way Girl’, especially once I figured out how to comfortably rock men’s clothes too. If anyone asked me, I just knew I was either the lyrics to LL Cool J’s ‘Around The Way Girl’ or one of the background dancers in Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ video. Either one or a combination of both was me. I knew I was very different and this look is one of many that captures me owning that.

This is a Men’s shirt btw, and you may be wondering the same thing I did when I found it. What could guys possibly know about Clueless, a 90’s cult classic? Probably nothing, LOL.

Hope this inspired you, until next time :)



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Warm Enough

Hey y’all!

So one of my favorite things going into the fall season are earth tones. I love earth tones, so I made it a point to incorporate it into this week’s look.  As you may know, living in LA we don’t get much of a ‘Fall’ until like November, so it’s still pretty warm this time of year, but I did attempt to project the Fall aesthetic while still keeping cool. 

I LOVE olive, so I was pretty excited when I found this little lace-up number at Zara. I’m not one for the Deep-V Lace-Up trend going around, but I was drawn to a more subtle version of it that better suited my subtleties. For me, it’s all about finding a comfortable middle ground when it comes to dressing my body type. 

I put my little 90s spin on the look by pairing it with some vintage stonewashed jeans. I’ve had these jeans for YEARS, and even though they are old, the outfits I create with them never get old. These jeans always put a fresh spin on things. The accidental rips I’ve gotten in them over the years adds some character too, lol. I rounded it out with statement sandals and a cuff I got from Urban a few years back.

My friend and I found this yellow wall near my apartment, and it pulled everything together, creating this warm look that practically washed over you upon looking at it. 

I hope this inspired you, until next time :)



Necklace/TopShop   Bodysuit/Zara   Jeans/Thrifted   Cuff/Urban Outfitters   Sandals/Zara

Self-Care Tip #1: Read

Hello everyone,

And welcome to the first Self-Care Tip post! As I’ve stated before what makes this blog different from a lot of other blogs is my active encouragement surrounding personal wellness and self-care to help build self-confidence and personal value. Every couple of weeks in between outfit posts, I’ll be posting these tips on how to take better care of yourself and your personal wellness. Many of us tend forget how important it is to take care of ourselves in the midst of our day to day lives and can find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. I discovered self-care a few years back while I was in Grad School undergoing counseling after my own bout with anxiety and depression had gotten out of control and started to consume my life. My therapist at the time helped me lay out different steps and tools that allowed me to take my life back and regain control of it, which ranged from simply writing to getting out of the house and trying a new restaurant. As simple as it sounds, getting started can be the most difficult thing to do, so I wanted to make sure I laid out simple tasks for helping others take their first steps towards personally caring for themselves :)

This week’s tip is Read! Books have always been my favorite thing, and reading my favorite pastime. As a kid, I remember the numerous trips to the library or bookstore, Scholastic Book fairs, and even my favorite children books. I loved the idea of learning something new or getting lost in a story. I still have (and still read) my favorite Fred Crump, Jr. books from when I was a kid. When it was on my terms or a subject I enjoyed, I LOVED READING. 

As an academician, reading did became kind of a ‘job’, but I remained diligent in maintaining my love of reading, keeping my favorite books near for my own enjoyment and personal well being. That deliberate distinction I made for myself between reading for fun and school allowed it to became my safe haven and escape from the outside world. It not only enhanced my thinking, but opened my mind to new ideas as well, no matter how trivial the topic. It gave me a break from my personal stresses and allowed me turn my mind off and let my imagination roam as far as it wanted to. Reading can be the ultimate form of self-care because it’s something done for your OWN personal enjoyment and has been proven to relieve both stress and anxiety. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I like to take an hour or two out of my day, away from everything to just sit and read. You can either start your morning with it, use your lunch break, wait until the end of the day or even take time out of your weekend, it doesn’t matter when you choose as long as you’re taking the time to do what’s best for your self-care routine. And it can be any book of your choosing, as long as it is something you enjoy. The key is to make sure you enjoy it!

Here are a few of my favorite books and recent reads below:

My favorite books of all time are Jason & Kyra and No Disrespect. Now while teen love stories can be some of the cheesiest AND corniest things life has to offer, Dana Davidson’s Jason & Kyra does an amazing job of making teen love not only relatable, but realistic, it changed my life at 15 and I haven’t been the same since. It actually made me love LOVE, and I ain’t ashamed to say there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good love story. Sistah Souljah’s semi-autobiographic No Disrespect was gifted to me back when I was 17 years old going away to school, and was the perfect intro to my journey into adulthood and womanhood. I can appreciate anybody who can tell their story, but a black woman telling you her story while putting you up on game? Now that’s a classic for me, and No Disrespect was all that and more to me. Needless to say, I love reading books I can find myself in and relate to. 

While these books have remained on my shelves for years, I’ve also picked up new ones as well. These days, I’ve been doing a lot of self-improvement and self-discovery and recently got into self-help books and reads that evoke a certain level of introspection. A few months back I picked up The Four Agreements, Nayyirah Waheed’s salt., and Rupi Kapur’s Milk and Honey. Each of these books gave me new perspective and opened my mind to thinking differently about not only my own experiences, but life as a whole and the ways in which we choose to live. They encouraged a positive growth and change that I constantly find myself in search of during this stage of my life, and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to build on self improvement.

If you’re having trouble finding any books you’d like, you can start by looking up book genres or topics that interest you, and read summaries to find out which books may or may not interest you. It can be kind of challenging if you’re new to this, so if looking up books online is too much, head to your nearest bookstore and peruse the books in person (I'd suggest an independent bookstore so you have a wide range and variety to choose from while simultaneously supporting local business). If you don’t want to do that or use your money there are also these amazing government funded places that people tend to forget about with hundreds of thousands of books called libraries! If it’s anything I like I remember you can just go in there and sign up and they’ll give you a card that allows you to take all the books you want for a period of time :D You can even sit in there, be unbothered, and read for however long they open, I swear they’re a real thing, tell your friends LOL

Now that you’ve got your first task, go ahead and take time for yourself, your mind and your spirt will thank you :) I hope you’ve enjoyed, and as usual like, comment, and share. Until next time..



'When He Asks for Nudes...'

Hey ya'll!

I want to thank everyone again for taking the time to check out my first few posts! It’s been amazing to share my ideas and express myself through this platform and have such great feedback. So I’m back at it again with my second look and third post! My friend and I ended up shooting this second look not to far from where we shot the first look. 

An ongoing fashion trend for the past few years has been the Monochromatic (meaning containing or using all one color) look. I decided to try this trend out for myself using various camel/nude pieces from my wardrobe. I just recently got into this color last Fall and I’ve been loving the way it looks on my skin. I’ve been trying to be more conscientious of colors that compliment my skin. Camel/nude has been one of those amazing color choices that has not only given life to my skin, but somehow makes it pop!

I kept it fairly simple with a sweater, dress and tan heels. I didn’t want to do too much because I wanted the color to speak for itself, and I believe the key to successfully pulling off this look is to just keep it simple.

Well as always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed!



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The Intro

Hello everyone!

Welcome to The 90s Aesthetic! I want to wholeheartedly thank you for stopping by and formally introduce my site to give you some insight as to what it is about. The 90s Aesthetic is an Urban Fashion and Lifestyle blog set to inspire other young women, such as myself, with a focus on fashion and self-care. So while this may seem like another fashion blog on the surface, it's so much more than that and I want to inspire others to unapologetically love themselves, just as I’ve learned to love myself. While fashion is the vehicle, self-love is the overall goal.

As a young black woman in this day and age, loving yourself can be an arduous task with constant odds stacked against you, whether it be the work of outside opinion, misrepresentation, or societal standards. I've decided to take on this high-stakes task by loving myself through the outlets of fashion and personal wellness. With all that's going on in today's society, we tend to forget how important it is to take care for ourselves, and as a black woman this can be almost impossible given the challenges I’m faced with in my daily life. Much like my existence, I don’t follow trends or try to fit into them, I bend standards to work for me and create my own. I use fashion to not only express myself, but to build confidence and care for myself as well. I wanted to create a platform that not only expressed my style, but incorporated and promoted various forms of self-care. So while placing various looks and outfits on display, I’ll also be providing Self-Care Tips to help keep the mind, body, spirit and well-being intact. By discussing things like hair, books, joy, music and events, I hope you’ll be inspired to reflect and take the first steps towards self-care.

I've learned that in order to be our best selves, we must do the foundational work to care for ourselves and never lose sight of our own value and importance. So again, thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope this blog inspires you to value and love yourself just as I’ve learned to. Welcome and enjoy!



Giving You 'Editorial Spread' Looks

Hey y'all!

A midst all the ideas for pulling this site together, my friend and I took to Downtown LA to shoot for my first few posts and the result were these amazing Magazine-Type looks! We stumbled upon a cool spot near City Hall, and went straight to work. I wanted my first look to encompass all that I had planned for the site, and I believe my friend did an amazing job of capturing my overall 'aesthetic' as an intro. Below, is not only the intro to the blog, but a look into who I am as a person as it relates to my own form of self-expression through fashion. So welcome! :)

Lately, I've been experimenting with mixing prints and thought what better time to try it out than as an intro to my blog? I used a simple (Stripped) and a bold print (Aztec) with the same base color (white), so they'd mesh fairly well together. I wasn't completely sure of how they'd look together, but once my friend and I found the perfect location to shoot, I realized it came together so well that the background actually made it pop! You would've thought it was the perfect inspiration for some magazine shoot somewhere, hence the "Editorial Spread" title.

While the prints were the foundation of this look, I threw in my vintage Jordache Jean jacket and tan heels to pull everything together and really give it a 90s feel. You can check below for all the details. 

Well I hope I've given you all something to look forward with this intro because there'll definitely be more looks to come. But in the mean time, please like, comment, and support because I have great ideas to share and many more looks to give. Thank you for stopping by!



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